Netware servers 6 SP5 with TSAFS.nlm ver. 6.51.05 March 9, 2006. I use Veritas 6.0 MP4. I have 3 Netware servers that has a Netbackup policy that backs up the SYS volume of each server every night(incremental). 2 of the 3 servers always has files that get backed up. On the third server, I will get a "good" backup, then the next night the backup completes with no errors but when I look at the backup, nothing was backed up. We all know files on the SYS volume change every day so I should be getting some files. If I do a bpstop to unload Netbackup on the server and then I unload and reload TSAFS.nlm I will get files backed up that night. But then the next night, nothing. Now I have a file for troubleshooting that I reset the archive bit on every morning so I know there is at least one file that should be getting backed up. It doesn't. What could be causing this issue on 1 of 3 of my Netware servers? I don't have this issue with my other 2 servers.
Any suggestions?