We have a number of PCs that after changing the Windows Computer Name (and the static IP address) the Novell login no longer works correctly. From the Novell login it accepts the username and password and takes you into Windows but the Novell scripts to map network drives fail to run - it seems to be doing a Computer Only login. However performing a Novell Login from the client taskbar icon successfully maps the drives as it should have done during the login process... Also, after logging out the login screen reverts to a computer only login, not the Novell login as it had done previously (again pointing to it doing a Computer Only login?).

The problem lies with the Windows Computer name change, not the IP/DNS settings on these PCs as changing the name back to the original gets the Novell client working correctly again.

I've restarted the various services on the servers (namcd, nscd), tried ndsmanage restartall, namdconfig cache_refresh etc to no avail. I can't see any obvious reference to the old name in the registry (at least in relation to Novell) either.

Any ideas? I'd like to avoid having to revert the computer names and hopefully not have to reinstall the Novell Clients!