Running NW65sp6, and ZfD 7.x.
ServerA is in ou=A.o=bigo.Tree=SingleTree. I'm trying to wake up a single
test workstation, WkstnA in.ou=workstations.ou=A.o=bigo.Tree=SingleTree.

ServerB is in ou=B.o=bigou.Tree=SingleTree.

I configure ServerA's package with a WOL policy and target WkstnA to wake
up at a specific time. I restart ServerA's WOL service to that it (should)
take effect. At the designated time nothing happens. In the server's WOL
service window there are no reports of sending a WOL packet.

Next, I set up ServerB to wake up WkstnA (the same target, different
server). It wakes up the workstation at the right time.

Two Questions:
1. How to I troubleshoot ServerA? It should be the guy that wakes up a
target workstation in it's own subordinate OU. What logs can I look at? I
did a DSTrace on both servers for comparison but saw nothing that had
meaning to me. If anything, what should I look for there?

2. Is there a problem with using ServerB to wake up ServerA's

I appreciate your input.
Thanks, Ron