I have Netware 6.5SP7, NSS volumes. I am doing some test with a program that needs "oplocks" ON the Netware server. We have found that when turning it ON, it slows out performance of accessing CADD files--not good. I have recently brought up CIFS on the test server, and the origianl program that requires Oplocks--works great (oplocks is enabled under the CIFS config). Since my CADD shop is accessing the server via NCP, NSS volumes, not using the CIFS share..and I hopeful we won't feel the slowness attributed to Oplocks. (not on the NetWare parameters). I do have some questions:

1. If you have CIFS sharing a folder that is accessible by normal Netware client, NCP connections...how does it handle one person bring up a file that another person might be in via CIFS?

2. Can you "share " a CIFS volume as the same name as the NSS volume?--Including the server name being the same?? Normally it defaults to "servername-w"--what if I drop the "-w"?