Ok, I have a wee problem developing...

My users are starting to find the need to do KPIs and more detailed
analysis reporting, however much of the information they are looking at
isn't recorded within our ERP system for a variety of reasons (some
even good reasons!).

At the moment the very occassional issue has been addressed by creating
a little front end application to a database, which has worked fine.
Unfortunately where there was only a couple of requests over the last 4
years, there are signs that this is going to increase rapidly.

What I want to do is to have a quickly configurable front end to a
database that my users can key data in to - as simple as have a text
entry field per column in a table in the database, and then data can be
manipulated with the likes of Crystal or BO Web Intelligence.

MS Access and FileMaker spring to mind as quick, dirty, nasty
solutions, but they come with their own set of major issues.

I have been thinking about just writing a quick proggie which gets
pointed at a table and will use the columns and the datatypes of their
columns to generate a user entry screen - but it all takes time (yeah,
with VB and C# these sorts of things can be done 'fairly' quickly, but

How do other people address the issue?