I am using ZCM 10.1.2 attempting to image multiple models of HP Desktops with a single image. I am using sysprep to install the drivers for the various machines.
I have configured sysprep with a dummy computer name so it doesn't ask for a name. The issue is after the image is deployed sysprep joins the machine to the domain and renames it to the dummy name. I am then hoping ziswin will then run and rename the machine to its proper name and update the SID so the machine can take on it's pre image identity.

It does rename the machine but does NOT update the SID and after running the image safe area is blank. In the Ziswin log it says it has done a restore with a mask of 0X00000020 which is the mask for the SID. I have checked the registry and no mask is configured.

This causes the machine not to be able to login to the domain as it has renamed the machine but the SID is the new one generated by sysprep.

If anyone has any ideas ?