I'm using Netware 6.5 SP7 and I need to get a Unixserver attached to the Netware File System, therefore I wanted to set a simple password for a user to get access via NFA.
Unfortunately this already is not working.
When i try to set the password via c1 (ver. 1.6.3) there is no option to do so, when I try to do that via imanager (ver. 2.7.2) it will offer the option, but as soon as i hit the OK button following Message appears:

Fehler: Das einfache Passwort funktioniert nicht
Das NDS-Passwort wurde festgelegt, das einfache Passwort konnte jedoch nicht festgelegt werden.
Unknown meaning for error number -1681

Which means:
Error: The simple password doesn't work
The NDS-password was set, the simple password could not be set.
Unknown meaning for error number -1681

Unfortunately I don't find any helpful stuff in the knowledge base. Can somebody please help me where to start

Thank You in advance