GW 7.0.3 HP2

Is this issue ever going to get fixed without having to upgrade? Anyone know?

Getting seriously miffed with Novell and the GroupWise team. I cannot understand for the life of me as a business person how the powers that be at Novell can possibly expect clients to stick around when this serious lack of professionalism pervades this organization.

When this was broken in the last service pack, it should have been fixed with days not months. That is totally unacceptable. Sorry to dump on you guys here, I certainly realize this is a volunteer forum and not your doing. No disrespect intended to you folks but man, I've been plugging with this organization for 15 + years and must be a serious fool. I'm think Mac is my next move without anything nearly or remotely resembling MS or Novell in site.

When I break something of my clients, I don't leave site until its fixed. Novell, you need to learn a little something called business ethic and customer respect.