We are preparing to finally update our Zen environment from to 10.1.2 (or higher), and have some concerns.

I have the update documentation and install DVD to upgrade our three server to 10.1, and then I anticipate being to use the System Update process in ZCC to further update them to 10.1.2 and beyond.

My biggest concern is how this will impact the 1200 or so workstations and their installed agents. I need those update agents in a controlled, graceful manner but I'm not seeing how that can be accomplished. Previously, after the update from 10.0.3 to, the agents on the workstations started to update themselves on their own once the agent refreshed-- at that time that method was acceptable. But that can't happen now. Can somebody point me to documentation or something on how the update process for the agents can be managed when updating from 10.0.3 to 10.1.x?