I am not sure why, but I am having a heck of a time with 10.1.3 and launching bundles in user space. Problems include "unable to determine user" over and over along with users unable to reboot due to infinite loop issue when shutting down and Zen doesn't like that & continues to launch the user app.

I have feature requests to fix these problems. But I have discovered something which does seem to work well. What I do to "launch" into user space without having these problems is use Microsoft's SOON command and issue this;

soon 90 /interactive """somecommand parms"""

This way, if the user goes to reboot they don't get hung up on Zen. My PC took 4 hours to reboot last night, for example.

I can also do

soon 90 """somecommand"""

It runs as SYSTEM apparently, and not NETWORK SERVICES, which solves another problem of mine. I have my own inventory app I run outside of the Zen inventory. When launching this inventory app, zen again doesn't like the fact a user is closing down and relaunches the app. By doing this as SYSTEM, the user space is allowed to close (HKCU hive.) And Zen doesn't get in a looping state.

Anyway, this is resolving a lot of my issues with bundles. Perhaps it is beneficial to someone else.