Hi, we have several clients that use BorderManager; when they download .zip files off our website the downloaded files are not the same as the original (a simple check of the file size in bytes confirms this).
We can open the downloaded file in winzip and extract contents (all is there) however the zip directory structure and/or header must be different because (other than the obvious difference in filesize) the clients have a third-party application that tries to extract content from the zip and gets an invalid-zip-file exception.

What we expect is that BorderManager is extracting the contents of the zip file (presumably to look for malware) and zipping back up when complete. But this re-zipping is not the same.

Can anyone confirm that BM does this? And if so, is there a way to turn off this zip file action (or at least forwarding on the original once it's been found free of malware).

Please let me know if there's a more appropriate forum for this message.

Thanks, TL