Vista Enterprise SP1
Office 2007 SP1
Novell Client for Vista 1.0 SP1
Novell Client for Vista 2.0 Beta
All permissions to the Novell share validated
SLES 10 SP2 w/ OES SP1
NW 6.5 SP7 (NSS Volume on a cluster)
NW 5.1 (Traditional Volume)

Cannot delete or rename parent folder if you save a document, spreadsheet or any other Office 2007 data directly to a Novell share via a mapped drive. Saving the file using the NDS browsing method does not produce this problem (not a mapped drive or UNC). Folders can be renamed or deleted if browsing via NDS, but not via a mapped drive or UNC. Tested this problem with several Novell clients and on several types of servers (as indicated above).

Another user that has permissions to delete the folder can do so if they are using a different computer (indicating there is not a file locking issue). If you reboot the computer then you can rename or delete the parent folder. If the user goes to another computer and logs in they can delete or rename the folder from that computer.

Steps to re-create:
  1. Save a file from Office 2007 application directly to a Novell mapped drive.
  2. Close Office application
  3. Navigate to the mapped drive share where you saved the file
  4. Attempt to delete or rename the parent folder (you will not be able to)

We've done a lot of troubleshooting and have found nothing that will help us so far. Office 2003 does not have this problem. We removed Office 2007, installed Office 2003 and we could rename or delete the parent folder at will.

We're in the process of testing Windows XP and Office 2007 to try and narrow down if this is a Novell client, Vista, or Office 2007 thing.

I know this problem is a bit obscure, but I'd like to know if anyone running Office 2007 and Vista can duplicate this problem? It won't take you too long to find out.

Right now the work-around (reboot your computer) may work for us until we can find a root cause. I'd just like some confirmation that this isn't just a problem in our environment.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can verify yea or ney.