Hallo together,

I am looking for a program to extract some Registry keys into the ZENworks 7 inventory database.

I know I need to create a CUSTOM.INI and fill it with values. When I create the CUSTOM.INI by hand I got it to work to store the values in the inventory database.

But I need a program to read the Registry values and store them in the CUSTOM.ini file with the correct syntax.

A Script or any other small program would be helpful. I know how I could read the Registry values with REG.exe but I do not know how to store the values in the correct syntax in CUSTOM.ini?

I found zRegScan but I did not get it to work. I found out that the Program is called by the Inventory process (it appears in the TaskManager for a short time). When I run zRegScan by hand (or with a manual launched ZfDInvScanner.exe) I get the following error windows:

Title: zRegScan.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
Warning: Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=0x814, Thread id=0xf14

When I click "Cancel" I receive a 2nd Window:
Title: zRegScan.exe - No debugger found.
Warning: Registered JIT debugger is not available. An atempt to launch a JIT debugger with ...

I tried for several hours to get it operational - with no success.

The zRegScan.log does not show anything helpful.

I have WinXP SP2 and SP3 machines and ZfD7ir3a.

Thanks for your help