Okay, I've got my basic image. Currenty, we have only one image per computer model. I've used the first part of the procedure described in Installing the ZEN Adaptive Agent in the image (ZCM Imaging - Installing the ZEN Adaptive Agent in the image | Novell User Communities). The "zac fsg -d" command is run prior to making the initial image (just before runnign Sysyprep). I also run the "zac fsg" and "zac reg [options]" as Run Once commands when Sysprep runs after the image is restored. All this works fine and the workstations import just fine into the zone.

What happens now if I have to re-image the same computer again? Is there a secret to keeping the image-safe data intact so that I do not wipe out the SID and GUID during subsequent reimages? It seems to me that the image that I have would wipe all that away.

Phillip Arnold
University of Central Arkansas