I have enabled teaming at the Post Office level using Client Properties. I have set up the teaming URL to be http://teaming.???????????????:8080/ssf/ws/Facade?wsdl
When the user logs into GroupWise with the Client, the Teaming Folders and Workspaces all show up in the folder list of the GroupWise Client (8HF1)
When the user clicks on any of the folder names they are directed to http://localhost:8080/ssf/ws/Facade?wsdl................ instead of to the correct Teaming URL.

Anyone else run into this?
I see this in my GroupWise window:

ype Status report
message /ssf/a/do
description The requested resource (/ssf/a/do) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/5.5.26

but if I look at the properties of this window I get this:

Anyone else run into this?