I have enable teaming at the PO level for Client Options. I set the teaming URL to be http://teaming.xxxxxxxxxxxx:8080/ssf/ws/Facade?wsdl which I know is correct. When the user logs into GroupWise, he/she is asked to authenticate to the teaming server so the URL must be correct. In the GroupWise Client the user then sees all the teaming folder and workspaces but when the use clicks on any of the teaming folder, they are getting this:

HTTP Status 404 - /ssf/a/do


type Status report

message /ssf/a/do

description The requested resource (/ssf/a/do) is not available.


Apache Tomcat/5.5.26

If I right-click on this window and select properties I see that the page is always http://localhost:8080/ssf/ws............................

If take the URL and paste it into a browser URL and change LOCALHOST back to the correct teaming.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx........, The URL works and I am take to the correct folder on the Teaming server.

I am at a loss on this one.