We have been running an full hardware/software inventory scan on all workstations on the first tuesday of the month for several months. Life was good for a while, until we updated to 10.1.3

This last tuesday, first time the scan ran, all workstations fired the inventory client multiple times. Some were as high as 5 copies running but all had at least 2. Needless to say, this caused quite a bit of havoc as machines dropped to a crawl or simply crashed.

I removed inventory scanning policies and things slowly quieted back down. However, since then our servers have been swamped with "Upload Failure" messages. Some workstations have registered hundreds of them. My system logs went from 17k messages on Tuesday to over 3.2 million Thursday morning and message cleanups are deleting them slower than new ones are comming in. Database server (dedicated machine, Sybase) has gone from average of 15% CPU to spiking over 90%, pretty much making the system non-usable.

Anyone else experience these issues?