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Thread: 8009 port conflict during install

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    8009 port conflict during install

    I have OES2 and SLES10SP1 and I'm trying to install ZCM 10.1 onto . During the install, I got a port conflict message on ports 80 and 443 (iManager requires) , which I finally got around by following that TID for adjusting the Apache ports. (although that even took some back and forth) But I cannot get around a port 8009 (required by NoRM which I believe runs thru Tomcat?) conflict reported on the same install screen. I've searched high and low on Google, Novell Support, and Discussion Forums but found nothing on the problem. Hard to believe I'm the only one that's run into it. It would be nice if Novell designed their products not to conflict with components that run on SLES (again their product) needed to run their management products. How do they expect someone to monitor your server without either iManager or NoRM?
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