Hello NG

In my environment I have a bordermanager 3.6 SP1a installed. I work with the
Clntrust. In Bordermanager Sertup on the Authentication tab i configured
SingleSignon , 3 sec., SSL 443, Key ID --> SSL CertificateIP, HTML, max
timeout 3 min.

Clntrust will be started through the Loginscript. Now when I open the
Internet Browser the the BorderManager Login Page appear on the screen.
Normally this page should appear only when the clntrust is not loaded.

When I try to open a internet site the certificate checkbox appears and give
me informations, that the certificate could not be verified to a
certification place. The certificate is marked with a cross. Strange is,
that the Certificate Authority ist known but the Server Certificate not. In
Consoleone I recreated the SSL CertificateIP and the SSL CertificateDNS but
this didn`t help to solve the problem.

I think the problem will be caused by a timeout. Does somebody know this
issue? How can I solve this problem?

For your answer and help I thank you in advance

With regard

Ramon Lustrati