I am attempting to attach to a share on Windows Server 2008. With the Windows Firewall enabled on Windows Server 2008 it takes 60-90s for the share to map from a Windows XP SP3 workstation with Novell Client 4.91 SP4. The connection happens almost instantly from a Windows XP SP3 machine without Novell Client installed. It also connects almost instantly from a Vista machine without Novell Client. If I turn off the firewall on Windows Server 2008, then the share can be mapped in just a few seconds from the machine with the Novell client. Obviously the issue is some combination of Novell Client and the Windows Firewall on the server. I did a packet capture on the XP machine and see traffic going to ports 524, 445 and 139 on the server. 445 and 139 are already open in the firewall. I added a rule to open 524, but it didn't help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.