Hi there, I have a logon problem in one of our customers environment. Our customer has a mixed environment with Novell NDS and Windows Active Directory. Novell NDS is leading, accounts are synchronized to AD with Novell IDM, works fine. A Citrix farm is also in the environment, two WI (W2K3) servers (load balanced via NLB) and three PS 4.5 servers (W2K3-AD member). Logon via WI is done by contextless login to NDS, works fine, published apps are shown. When I start a published app, the logon to NDS on the PS (SSO) works fine but then there comes a popup wich says that the user is not recognized on that server (windows logon). The Novell Client (4.91sp4) on the PS is configured to do first NDS authetication and then Windows authentication to the AD domain (so no server authentication via dynamic local user). All settings seems to be good but ...... Has anyone an explanation or solution for this?