I have yet to see any problems with this but i have been thinking on it for a while so i thought i would ask what you guys think..

I install all SLES10SP2 and OES2SP1 servers the same way, with just the common packages installed from the beginning. When the autoyast installation is done it installs zlm agent and the updates are installed from SLES10-SP2-Updates OES2-SP1-Updates Catalogs from ZLM server. After that i install the service that is supposed to be on the server.. Cluster, DNS/DHCP, Zenworks, etc.. A problem here i think is that in yast i only have my installation sources Not the SLES10-SP2-Updates OES2-SP1-Updates catalogs from the ZLM server.

I install a new service like DNS/DHCP from yast when yast only have the "old" sles10sp2DVD and oes2sp1CD installation sources but the server is also updated with new eDir, NSS, NCP from ZLM.. Could there be dependency problems here or have i just imagined a problem? After the installation of DNS/DHCP/Cluster i can do another rug up and it will patch them. I want the rug catalogs to also be in yast so it installs the latest version directly..