It's been a few years since I've last used NW so forgive me if I'm a little
dumb :-)

I have two servers:
1. NW6.5, internal IP, master
2. NW 6.5 w/ BM3.8, internal IP on NIC 1, external IP on NIC 2, DNS and
DHCP server

The internal NIC is hooked to my switch and the external NIC to my router.

internal IP:, SN:, GW:
external IP: x.x.25.2, SN:, GW: x.x.25.1 (router's IP)
I have NAT enabled on the external NIC, set to dynamic.
NAMED.nlm and DHCPSRVR.nlm are loaded on server 2 (BM server).

I want have my clients (all WinXP Pro) be able to connect out. I followed
Craig J's install but they can't connect out.

I have done nothing with the filters.

I can ping the router from the BM server.

HELP! What else do I need to do???

Thanks in advance!