I'm hoping I'm in the right area, but we did some SP8 upgrades over the week, and now some clients are either timing out when trying to log in or its about 20-30 seconds before they successfully log in. Here are the details,

We were at SP 7 and eDir 8.7.39. We upgraded eDir first to 8.8.3, then upgraded Netware to SP8 which then brought eDir to 8.4. Since doing this it seems the logon process has slowed way down. I'm a newbie to Novell troubeshooting, but what would be the best way to troubleshoot this?

On another note, right after the upgrades, clients could NOT logon at all to the one server that is configured in their client. If we changed it to the replica master, it went right through immediately on logon. We rebooted that primary logon server and then it seemed fine but notice its slow again after a few days. If I log off my pc, and log back on its fine. If I REBOOT my pc then try to log on again, I get the lag.

Thanks in advance,