Train ticket - $2.00
Belt - $20.00
New pair of boxers - $8.00
Watching a girl yank a dudes pants off and kicking him out of the train
while the door is closing - Priceless...

I happen to see the oddest $#%% on the metro....

This morning... A dude and his girl friend (i assume) were fighting...
This dude was the typical "gangsta" type you know sagging jeans, with a
belt and his boxers hanging out. Any ways they were arguing, and when
the train made a stop she said "!@#$ you! we're done..." He started
walking away... she yanked his pants down... kicked him in the no-no
spot and pushed him out of the train while the doors were closing... To
top it off...she started to laugh and said I got the !@#$er's wallet and

New York is Interesting to say the least... carp like this does not
happen in Philly.