OES2Sp1 Linux

If LPR connections to the printer agent are allowed and the print
manager is started (during startup of the server or later after
stopping the print manager) and not all printer agents were in a down
state before stopping the print manager the print manager autostarts
iprintgw and ilprsrvrd. Whereas iprintgw remains loaded ilprsrvrd is
unloaded if there is no LPR printjob to handle. But instead of
unloading ilprsrvrd enters the zombie state thus preventing LPR
printing. This zombie state can only be cleared by stopping ipsmd.

If during startup of ipsmd all printer agents are down iprintgw and
ilprsrvd are not loaded. Later starting of the printer agents correctly
starts iprintgw and ilprsrvrd and ilprsrvr is unloaded immediately
without entering the zombie state. Then LPR printing does work.

I am pretty sure this is a timing issue (probably because ilprsrvrd
starts before the print manager is fully loaded) but do not see any
place, where I could change the startup timing of the Gateway daemons.

Can this startup timing be changed anywhere (of course without changing
the source code)?

W. Prindl