Prior to setting a test BM3.8 box, I am attepting to get routing working
on a test server. Netware6 sp4 ip only. Enabled routing. have both nics,
public and private configed and working along with dns. Server can ping
host on internet. No nat's enabled at this point, just static route
pointing at isp's router.

Configed a w2k pc with static ip info, using default gateway of new test
box. Can ping both public and private nic from PC.
If Rip is disabled, I cannot ping the isp's router. If rip is enabled I
can ping isp's router. Either way I get no response back past the isp's

My question, if you choose to answer, shouldn't I be getting a response
back with ping if the basic routing for the server is setup?
If so, what the heck am I not doing correctly for this to work?
When I enable nat, it works fine.

Thanks for insight