We have several OES2SP1 servers in our tree that are out of time sync and
are not correcting. Our main time server in a NW6.5 SP7 physical server
that point to an Internet time source. The servers in question are
OES2SP1 virtual servers running on XEN. All of our OES2SP1 servers have
ntpd configured to point to our Reference NW server. The servers that
are out of sync (5 out of about 20) are showing an ntpdc time "offset" of
between 55 and 80 seconds.

We have looked at TID 3858673 about ESX virtualization, but aren't sure
whether the clock=pit is needed under XEN. I have also tried stopping
ntpd and manually running ntpdate, but that still isn't forcing the time
to set correctly.

What next?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL