We're a small office with @10 active nodes at a time. A single
multipurpose server running NSBS 6.5. Our server is our file server
(mostly wordprocessing files), Groupwise and BM 3.8, all rolled into one.
Okay, so we're kind of a little more than 'frugal', but in a small office
its hard to justify more than one server sitting around. We have mobile
access through VPN client but it is suuuuppppeeerrr ssslllloooowww. Local
speeds are just fine. We want to try to speed things up a bit for the
mobile users (usually no more than one at a time is mobile) with dual
xenon 2.4 cpus and ASUS dual cpu mb. However, an older TID conderning BM
ver 3.6 states that BM is not compatible with dual processors. Is that
still the case with BM 3.8? Before I go through all of the problems of
splitting into multiple boxes I'd like to try to speed things up and
though the xenon solution might be the way to go until I read the TID
10060095, 26July2002. The irony with the TID is that it says disabling
the second processor wiill result in a return to acceptable speed, which
is my underlying problem in that my current speed is not acceptable.