We use Zen for the imaging, policies, remote access and inventory.

The way we do it's to install Windows with all software and stuff. Sysprep the computer, image it and deploy it on new computer or when, for any reason, we have to reinstall the PC.

When we install Windows, we install the Novell client and the Zenworks agent and let the services up and running. But after sysprep an automatic computer name is assign to the computer (by imaging policies) and on the first run, the the computer is import directly in the workstation container and sometimes the inventory scan is done and import to the inventory database.

How can I do to let me the time, once Ziswin.exe change the SID, at least to rename the computer and after that let him import the wks with the good name and import the good information to the inventory database (wks name)

How you do guys normally ?