The documentation for this product's installation is **** poor, or
rather, non-existant. But then again, Nokia's seems to be **** poor,
too. "Install the server this way. Then install the Secure Server.
Look @ the Secure Server documentation for instructions on how". Then I
get an error that its already installed, enter my password -- the only
password I've entered as of yet, I put in and it doesn't take that
saying that's not the password. WTF?

I installed the server using ./ims -i console .. it installed, said to
login with a browser. Ok, .. wait, it's
https:// .. but the server isn't running. Why? Because it didn't
start it, nor did it tell me how to.

Then, once I figured out how to start it, I get

The page cannot be displayed.
The intended relay server could not be contacted.

The only documentation @ for this is the following
TID (#3755189)

Trying to launch the Mobile Server web page reported:
ERROR: 'Page cannot be displayed. The intended relay server could not be
The Mobile Server Secure Gateway was configured but not running.

Start the Mobile Server Secure Gateway on its on Windows/Linux server.

30218 pts/1 Sl 0:06 /opt/ims/lib/external/jre/linux/bin/java
-server -Xmx512M -Dorg.apache.activemq.UseDedicat
30255 ? Ssl 0:04 /usr/sbin/securegatewayd
30758 ? Ssl 1:17 /usr/sbin/mobilesuited

Looks like it's running to me. Am I supposed to configure this somehow
except via a web interface? How? Where is the documentation for this?
Beta means "Hey this is getting ready to be relased, check it out and
find bugs."

Not "Hey try this out and see if you can figure out how to install it."