I had an odd question posed to me earlier. I *thought* I heard that GW8, when scheduling appointments, made it so you didn't have to accept appointments you create. I like this, but this is different behavior from prior versions. I looked at the documentation and found some information (not as "firm" an answer as I would have liked) but wanted to confirm here. Is this the way it works now?

I'm fine with it, but I had a user who *wants* to accept her own appointments. Yeah, I know.

If this is the way it works, is it possible to revert it to the old behavior for a single user?

I put this in the Agent forums because the user has 6.5 on her desktop and the same problem occurs in WebAccess (v7) so it doesn't appear tied to the client. Her PO is v8. Oddly, their PO was updated almost a week ago, but the problem did not surface until yesterday.