I was so fed up with zcm 10.1, I installed the 10.2 beta 2 and deployed it to half a classroom. The difference was astonishing! The teacher gave me a report at the end of the day, and she said that there were NO incidents on the side with the new beta. As where the 10.1 had it's hourly crashes all day.

I was happy to hear that and REALLY looking forward to the 10.2.

We have been struggling with 10.1. I do not have it deployed everywhere yet. The most trouble I get from 10.1 is when it's in a environment where users log in and out within a hour from each other like Students. It does not like that. We get very little trouble from the Elementary School, but that is because they login as one user (student) for the whole day.

Just sharing my experience. Can't wait for 10.2.