We currently have a BM3.7 Site to Site VPN setup to one of our remote
offices. Both ends are BM3.7 (Master and Slave).

We are now going to add a second Slave site and when I purchased a BM
license for this site, I received BM3.8.

Will a Site to Site VPN with a BM3.7 Master and a BM3.8 Slave work ?

Are there any gotchas involved ?

If BM3.7 and BM 3.8 will not work together, is there someone at Novell
that I could contact that would provide me a 3.7 license to use until we
are ready to go to 3.8 ?

We are under subscription and have the right to install 3.8 at all
sites. Eventually we will upgrade all sites to the same version, but I
don't want to mess with the current 3.7 VPN setup if I don't have to.


Earl Huskamp