Anyone had SurfControl problems since applying NW65sp8 and MB39sp2.

BM setup is:

Two BM servers clustered.
Server1 and Server2 NW65sp7 and BMsp1, SurfControl 6.1. Using Craig's proxy.cfg file.

Before applying latest service packs all working fine. SurfControl rules working ok. Rules applied at the server level.

Applied service packs to Server1 and now all users who are in the group referenced by the SurfControl rule (e.g standard user access with restrictions) get 403 forbidden accessing any page. Power users who are not restricted (e.g browse all rule in the list before the SF rule) no problems browsing.

If I migrate the proxy back to Server2 which hasn't been patched browsing working ok again for all users.

No errors seen on Server1 logger screen, CPFilter loading ok, acl check reading rules ok and BMAS authentication services are UP.

Any ideas??