This problem occurred on NW5.1 SP7 but may be an issue on NW 6.x as well.


TFS volume with DOS MAC NFS LONG name spaces becomes unmountable on NW 3.12
due to unknown issue (mount complains more than 2 million directories);
vrepair shows no errors, Ontrack ODRN netscan shows no errors.

Volume (with array controller) moved to NW 5.1 SP7 machine; vrepair shows
no errors, volume mounts properly.

'Scorpion' used to copy volume to new NSS volume. No changes were made to
the source volume.

New NSS destination volume is missing all hard links in the NFS name space
although symlinks are preserved.

In my wildest imaginings I never suspected that hardlinks would be discarded,
and since NFS server was not yet working on the NW 5.1 box, I could not verify
that hard links were present after the copy. Since I needed to get the NW 3.12
box running again, I expected to be able to copy back to a freshly repartitioned
volume using the original drives which held the source volume, and move the
drives and controller back to the NW 3.12 box. I thus destroyed the source volume
and irretrievably lost the hard links thereon.

Note that on the new NSS volume, hard links can be created from an NFS client
which mounts the exported filesystem.

Just a warning to the unwary to preserve a malfunctioning volume at all costs
until a replacement is verified to be a true copy. Also, unless I can be
convinced otherwise, NSS is not an appropriate medium for NFS services due to
such glitches and the lack of device special file support.