We have a 4-node NSS cluster that we are in the process of migrating to OES-Linux. The problem I'm having is in enabling CIFS for the linux-mounted volumes. When I run CIFS configuration in YAST and come to the step to select Password policies I get the following message:

"There are no password policies currently defined in eDirectory. To associate policies to users, please re-configure CIFS later using YAST after adding password policies and users to eDirectory. CIFS configuration will continue."

Then when it moves to the Saving configuration step the following message:

"Error while configuring Novell CIFS Service. User creation failed; Verify the password policy for the context where user is being created, for any password restriction."

We have multiple password policies defined, including the CIFS Default policy created by the CIFS configuration process. I have tried deleting this and rerunning the configuration to recreate the default policy, but it didn't help.

The CIFS log shows errors: Failed to fetch credentials of user, and Nmasldap-error -1659. I believe this is because there is no password policy assigned for CIFS, but how can I get the configuration to see the policies?

LUM admin-fdn is an admin-equivalent user, and CIFS proxy user has browse rights to security container. What else would I need?

Has anyone else struck this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Noel Morrison