I have quite a lot of experience with OpenSLP on Windows and SLES, and am quite used to having issues with it...here's my latest, appreciate any feedback.

Actually have 2 issues, the subject refers to the 2nd issue below since that is what I am focusing on at the moment, but 1st issue is here for completeness.

1st issue as follows:

OES2SP1 x86-64 (no patches) installed on physical server. eDir is 8.8.4 included in this version of OES. This is running the Xen kernel because it's hosting Xen VMs. The issue is: if OpenSLP is configured as a DA with the correct entries in slp.conf, ndap.novell and bindery.novell do NOT register. Also, enabling the trace logs gives me nothing in /var/log/slpd.log. So, it seems to be entirely broken when configured as a DA. Firewall is disabled. Client w/s using slpinfo.exe shows NORSP for that IP (static config).

2nd issue as follows: This is a Xen VM inside the above physical machine. Also OES2SP1 x86-64 (no patches). This time, OpenSLP works better in that bindery.novell can register, and the trace logs show a decent amount of activity. However, ndap.novell still can't register even if I bounce ndsd or reboot. Client w/s using slpinfo.exe shows UP for that IP (static config). But of course since ndap.novell is not registering, can't use the Tree Name in the login dialog.

Any hints appreciated.