Was: Server1 with SLES10SP1(zcm0.firma.ua = (use internal certificate)

How MOVE ZCM to the Server2(sles10sp2)(zcm0.firma.ua= without lost impoted WS ?

P.S. my test steps - not work :(
this was my test steps:
1. Backup ZCM Certificate:
zman certificate-authority-export
2. Backup the database:
Zman database-backup
3. BAckup Zanworks-server:
Zman zenserver-backup
4. Backup the content-repo.
5. All this backups store to the remote ftp-server
6. Down Server1 and Power OFF
7. Power on the Server2
8. Install on the Server 2 SLES10SP2 (zcm0.firma.ua=
9. Apply lates updates for SLES10SP2
10. Install ZCM10.1.0
11. Downlaod and apply ZCM 10.1.3
12. Restore Certificate
13. Restore Zenwork-Server
14. Restore Zenwork-Database
15. Restore content-repo
After this i have access to the imported Ws - OK.
But - any new WS can not automate imported to the ZCM.
I`m install ZCM agent, but new ws - not imported automate, i have this error:
"Error in the TLS certificate chain. Message: A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider.."

If I try to register manually ( zac reg http://zcm0.firma.ua ) message about untrusted certificate appear with question to its import. And WS - imported..

What I need to do to fix this issue. ?