I have GW7.0.3
I have BES

I have gone through the setup procedure including created the trusted app, which shows up in C1. But BES just will not connect

The PO shows the trusted APP trying to connect and does not seem to give any error that I can see. however the BES connection log says login failed.

(AccountPropertiesConstants etAcctProp)
at ConnectorLibrary.ICEWrapper.AccountLogin(String& sUserID, String& sDomain, String& sPOA, String& sFID3)
[14047] (03/09 12:01:00):{0xD0} {GWCO} {s-clarob} Login Failed, Username=s-clarob
[34045] (03/09 12:01:00):{0xD0} {GWCO} {s-clarob} Logout admin user
[14095] (03/09 12:01:00):{0xD0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Mailstore test failed
[54002] (03/09 12:01:00):{0xD0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Terminating GWConnector

I tried restarting the BES service but that made no difference, and tried manauly setting of an address book sync but it says that a syncronization process is already pending.

Any ideas?