Recently I have had to connect the domains of two organisations together.
We are running DNS on SUN Solaris machines, I have setup zone forwarding
on the SUN DNS box to the other zone and vice versa.

The other org has internal references and links on intranet servers that
do not use FQ Domain names (becuase it is on their internal network). On
a windows PC I am able to specify both lookup zones in the DNS
configuration. With no conflicting host names between the two orgs,
single hostname lookups can be performed looking in both domains.

The only thing now is that on our Border Manager server, in inetcfg, the
DNS resolver configuration only allow for one DNS lookup zone only to be

I wanted to know if there is any way of specifying another DNS domain
(more than one) in the servers DNS resolver configration so the server can
resolve both domains against the SUN DNS box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.