Learning curve from 6.5->10. A bundle can be "launched" without being installed/distributed. I assigned a bundle which has both Install and Launch items. The Launch item launches something that the Install action copies local.

I assigned this bundle to workstations with a Launch Schedule, with no distribution schedule. The end result is workstations trying to launch programs which are not installed/distributed. I had assumed that when the Launch Scheduled action would occur, if the bundle had never been distributed, that ZCM10 would distribute it first. This is not the case. If there is no distribution schedule, it simply will not distribute.

Seems an odd behavior. Apparently this is the cause of some of my bundle failures. I'm switching these bundles to Distribution Schedules with force Launch instead.

Another odd thing is that migrated/imported registry changes set key action as a default of "nothing" action. So if I am applying a value change and the keys don't exist, by default ZCM10 will not create the keys and will error out. One has to manually change each key to be "create if does not exist."