I had this happen on my second OES2 SP1 upgrade. I clicked ABORT during
the NCCC process after 8 hrs of "no love". it was a lab server so no
big deal waiting. Click on back to get into the INTERNET test that
pulls down the release notes.
1. I pressed CTRL-ALT-F2 to get a console screen.
2. Had to type in "rczmd stop" it failed.
3. Typed in "ps -e|grep zmd" to list the pid of the zmd service.
4. Type in "kill -9 <pid give from above command>" it will give an
5. After about 30 seconds press CTRL-C.
6. Press CTRL-ALT-F7 to get back to the installation screens.
7. Continue with the INTERNET test and NCCC will work just fine now.
8. Complete the rest of the installation.

Not sure why I got this issue. However, it did allow me to complete the
upgrade and updates, even with EVMS, just fine.