I've recently been relocating PAs from each of my site servers onto a centralized manager at our central office. I am running into one problem... I move a few sites overnight, things move well (iManager). The next day I down the old servers and remove them from eDirectory as they are no longer needed. After this the new manger is messed all up... If I try to resynchronize the printer database it hangs until I reset the server. This happened last week, and I just reproduced it tonight again.

When I went to check for printer driver profiles I am presented with an error to check that the broker from the now removed server is up and running... Is the manager or PA still referencing the old broker?

The servers are NetWare 6.5 sp8. I have reproduced this 2x on fresh installs of NetWare (both just basic iPrint netware installs with nothing else running)

Thanks for any thought!