Sorry if this has been asked before, i've done a quick search but can't find anything.

We've deployed 10.1.3 to all our devices through the normal "Deploy system updates screen". Most of them have worked fine but we are seeing about a 10% failure rate.

My main Problem is, we have 35 remote sites all with an XP vm running on a OES2 server as their satellite, and all of these satellites have failed to update. The upshot is we are now having trouble deploying apps to users at these remote sites, it could be coincidence, but i'm guessing its because the PC's are on a higher client version than the satellites.

If I go to the zenworks setup page on the primaries from a satellite and try to install the client, I get the error that "a client is already installed". I don't want to uninstall the client from the satellites, because i'm guessing that would also clear the cache, and re-distributing all our bundles to all our remote site would be very painful.

Anyone got any ideas how I can manually update a client without re-installing it?