I'm trying my first steps with OES, and fail.

This is a 64 bit IBM Blade Server. I could successfully install SLES10,
I used SLES-10-SP2-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso: I think, that should be the
right image for the linux part of the OES installation?

After that I tried to add the "OES" part using OES2-SP1-x86_64-CD1.iso,
was that the right one?

When I add that CD1 to the installation sources, I see the licence
agreement of OES, accept, and then all I see is one entry to select:
xscreensaver 4.23 4.23 a screen saver ....

2.) the docs (inst_oes_lx.pdf) does describe, howto setup a install
server in the network, and how to *ADD* an OES server to an existing

The setup of the first one using CD/DVDs is ok, isn't it?
Is it possible to create a new eDir with the very first OES2 server?

Is there a "OES first steps for dummies" somewhere available?

TIA, regards, Rudi.