we need to apply some changes to a number of workstations. Is there a way to batch remote execute?

I could write a script with a line like the following for each workstation object:

"desktop4.exe" -w"someWS" -n"myTree" -c"Remote Execute"

But that only brings up the window into which I enter the batch file I want executed (in this example "\\server\public\myBatFile.bat").

What I'm after is a line like this where I can pass on the file to be executed as a parameter:

"desktop4.exe" -w"someWS" -n"myTree" -c"Remote Execute" -???"\\server\public\myBatFile.bat"

Is that possible at all with desktop4.exe? If not, is there some other way of doing it?


Matthias, RRDSB