i have an issue with installing Office07 Standard with ZCM. I ceate the bundle with the Installdir(C:\ZCM\OfficeStd\setup.exe), and launch then the installer with /adminfile GmbH2.msp. At advanced I have the option run as dynamic admin.
The copy works well. All files will be copied to the workstation, and when I manualy install office with admin rights I will get a perfekt configurartet office07. But if I wan't to install office with ZCM following message I get from the working Widows XP system:

Ereigniskennung: 11708

Ereigniskennung; 1516

it seems to be a problem with the dynamic user. He can not install the software. But on other softwar for example Symantec Antivirus, there is no problem!

Can somebody please help me!?

Best regards,

Gerrit R.