I have a group of users that have full rights to a folder and they
should not. They are not in any groups that would have rights to this
folder. Their account was not specifically assigned rights to this
folder. But yet when I look at effective rights to this folder it shows
they have full rights. I am unsure on how to even remove their rights.
This folder is in the root of the volume and doing a check on a
handful of other folders also in the root they did not have access to
these folders. I thought maybe they were inheriting this from the root
and I also turned off inherited rights on the folder and this did not
make any difference. This is a 2TB volume that will probably take
24hours to backup and verify so I am hesitant to do a pool rebuild. Any

If a pool rebuild is in order any guesses on how long this will take?
Will this effect online users while it is running?