I have tried to upgrade my ZCM-Server from 10.1.2a to 10.1.3 in ZCC with System Updates. Downloading works fine. I select the downloaded Update 10.1.3 and start "Deploy Update to devices".

After a few minutes status goes to "Baselined". Under "Deploying System Updates" there was always a "0" in the column "Pending" but in the column "Successfull" there was a entry for every of my devices from beginning.

When i check my devices (clients and ZCM-Server) , they have not the new agent installed, it's 10.1.2. When i install the agent directly from the Zcm-Server with the link "Download ZENWorks Tools" its the 10.1.2 Agent.

I have deleted all of the old Updates in ZCC System Updates and downloaded the Update again. Redeploying goes to "baselined" directly after starting the deployment.

I downloaded then the 10.1.3 Update manually from the novell website, delete all of the old Updates in ZCC System Updates and reinstall the Update manually with "zman sui" directly on the server. Same effect...

"zac ref" does also not work...

So, my server and the client agents are not updated !!! But it shows like they are updated...

Any idea?


We had two Servers. The DB is Sybase on a separate virtualized (VMWare ESX 3.5) SLES10SP2-Server named ZCM-DB. The ZCM-Server named ZCM is also virtualized on ESX 3.5 and its also SLES10SP2.

My Upgradepath startet with 10.1.0, updatet to 10.1.1, then to 10.1.2a, then to 10.1.3.